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Equipment Information

PFE Registrants,

We will be proceeding with our equipment handout as scheduled, however a third of our helmets will not be in until Tuesday.  If you are not needing a helmet for GMYFL tryouts Monday, there is a chance Saturday you may only be fitted for a helmet while provided all other equipment.  Our volunteers appreciate your patience and assistance regarding this topic.

Our equipment handout schedule is as follows – all located at the Hallowing Point Shed:

  • July 24th 12PM - 2PM

Please thoroughly read this entire email for key information regarding handout expectations and requirements to include players being registered and paid.

If you are unable to make any of these times, please contact me at .


CLICK HERE for the Equipment Checkout form so you can print at home, fill out, and bring with you.  We will have additional forms onsite.


Before the handout:

  • Register with a full or partial payment to Prince Frederick Tackle program on (Spring football requires payment in full)
    • Or;
  • Come to an equipment checkout with a registration event at same time and make onsite payment. 

Make it easier to check-out!!!  Download and print the equipment handout form from here.  Pre-fill the form before you come.  You only need to fill out section 1 and 2.  If you would like a copy for your own records, please bring 2 copies.

Note: There are no currently scheduled handouts collecting registration and payments.  Please use online system or contact us for alternative methods for registering and paying.


At the handout:

  • Player to come with parent/guardian taking responsibility to sign out equipment with understanding equipment is being loaned to the player as a service and expected to be returned upon completion of the season to avoid financial penalty/action.
  • The organization will be distributing loaner equipment to include:
    • Helmet with facemask and chin strap
    • Shoulder pads
    • Basic mouthpiece
  • While supplies last, the organization will be making the following available:
    • Practice pants and 7-piece pads – for loan
    • PFE screen printed practice jerseys - $20


What to expect at the handout:

Below is a diagram of the equipment checkout.  Parents will be expected to stay in designated areas filling out required equipment handout paperwork as player is escorted and fitted by organization officials.  Players will meet up with parents at final checkout station to complete the checkout process and paperwork.

Before the first practice:

The player should ensure having the following gear prior to the first practice:

  • Helmet (provided at handout)
  • Shoulder pads (provided at handout)
  • Football pants with pads (see note below)  (INSERT PFE STORE LINK)
  • Practice jersey (INSERT PFE STORE LINK)
  • 2 colored mouth pieces with straps (cannot be clear)
    • 2nd backup mouthpiece will be held by team official once season begins
  • Recommended:
    • Molded/plastic cleats (no metal cleats)
    • Athletic cup
  • Optional gear players consider and at discretion of parent/guardian:
    • Forearm/hand/elbow and rib pads
    • Gloves (receiver/lineman)
    • Premium chin strap
    • Athletic undergarments
    • Eye black
    • Face shield (most don't use a face shield, however if your player does, it has to be clear ... NO tinted shields allowed)
  • Game socks will be discussed with player’s team